Black Star Girl


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 Chapter 2           

The Times  

(circa 1935)   

My father encouraged our formative years with his belief the mistreatment of Negroes in our Nation would come to an end. "You must be ready." The voices of the few seeking equality for all would grow to be the voices of the majority achieving equality for Negroes.  His optimism and the opportunity throughout America for Negroes to be entrepreneurs fueled my ambitious father's plan to be a successful businessman.  He planned to have his own barbershop or shops, perhaps a tailoring business, and Daddy saw every reaon to develop his Zanesville Black Stars into a winning, profitable baseball team.  As soon as racist policies were broken that kept blacks out of the American and National Baseball Leagues, his team would be a welcomed, profit-making resource of athletic talent.  He had no doubt.

     John and Iva married with plans to have a big family.  (Mother claimed Daddy wanted nine children--a baseball team.)

     The newlyweds moved into a little house Daddy owned on Whipple street in Zanesville's fourth ward.  Daddy's goals remained firm.  One day he would not work for others but prosper being his own boss. 


NOTE:   Early in her parents' marriage, for financial reasons, Marva's father gave up his Zanesville Black Stars baseball team. Marva did realize the career success he vowed would be hers, if she was prepared. In that sense, she finds herself to be his "Black Star Girl".  Read all about it.    

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