Black Star Girl



Sat. 6/12 All day Wmsfield School Reunion

The evening before, the outstanding H.S. Class of '55 celebrates its 55th graduation anniversary.  Congratulations

Sun. 6/20 All day Father's Day
Thu. 6/24 All day Iva E. Newman Woods' Birthday - Remembered
Sun. 7/4 All day Fourth of July
Mon. 7/5 All day Fourth of July Celebrated
Mon. 7/19 All day "Birthday Greetings" to Trieste, a grandchild of John and Iva Woods.
Thu. 7/22 All day "Birthday Greetings" to Farah, a grandchild of John and Iva Woods.
Thu. 7/29 All day Augusta, Arkansas Week-end Begins
Fri. 7/30 10:00 AM "Black Star Girl" an evening focus.
Sat. 2/4 8:30 AM Palisades District Day of Learning

A learning opportunity by the United Methodist Church. I will participate in two workshops.  The morning event is - "Appreciation of Christian Art; Art as Religious Studies"

The afternoon event is - "Are You Facebook Official?"

Tue. 2/7 10:30 AM Book Discussion

As Invited by the Friends of the Library will introduce this new author.  The subject will be the writing of Black Star Girl.  Some reading also included along with time for questions and answers.

Sat. 3/24 2:00 PM Book Discussion and Dessert

Will introduce this first time author who will discuss the writing of Black Star Girl.  There will be a brief reading of several portions of the memoir.  Time for questions and answers to follow.

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