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Communication and Technology

Posted by Marva L. Stith on July 25, 2011 at 11:04 PM Comments comments (0)

I pride myself on being 'with it', technology that is. After all, my laptop and I have a serious relationship. The Internet pleasantly and productively consumes my time.  I email for personal outreach and response, and for business. Facebook is my friend. I enjoy the fabulous opportunity of being in touch with family and friends out of sight tho' not out of mind.  And what could be more joyful than unexpectedly hearing from someone,  once a wonderful part of a life long past.

For me, Twitter didn't last much more than a couple years . . . it was a puzzle. Writing succinctly I was supposed to follow folks; folks were supposed to follow me. I didn't know how to encourage that. Worse, when a person would log on to follow me, a perfect stranger, I wondered why. What a responsibility! What agony, as I worried about my words/thoughts meeting their expectations. I cancelled my Twitter account.

Reading, however, since childhood has been a cherished habit of mine. For sure I'm thrilled to have written a book that is in my library. The importance of encouraging children to read must not get lost in the midst of technological innovations. Reading is the strongest foundation for fostering imagination.  And imagination is what brings progress into our world. I love settling in with a good book, still I was disappointed to learn Black Star Girl was not easily available as an E-Book.  Finally, though, I downloaded it to my computer and then to my Nook. As my daughter said, "It's really cool, Mom."

Yes, after all is said and done, communication technology is cool.


Posted by Marva L. Stith on July 2, 2010 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (2)

This 2nd Day of July 2010, and we are approaching a mere 234 year anniversary of the United States of America adopting our Declaration of Independence.  In the scheme of things, our great nation, if not a 'baby', is nonetheless, a 'toddler'.  As I celebrate 2010's Fourth of July I say a prayer for our continued growth and development into a sage social order of folk looked upon as a premiere model of  -- prototype for -- 'community' on this planet.  That would be a nation that evidences respect for all, unfettered opportunity, and just rewards for hard work and preparation.  "Happy Birthday America!!! . . . And Many More . . . "

Why This Book?

Posted by Marva L. Stith on June 1, 2010 at 11:24 AM Comments comments (1)

The initial motivation for my writing was to lift up an influential black parent.  I would proudly show the world an example of the many black patriarchs who struggled to provide the foundations for the greatly improved quality of life those in my generation would experience.  Then,  I realized my own life path, particularly navigating the opportunities gained due to the Civil Rights Movement, if shared, could strengthen those coming behind me.  May that be so.                     mlstith

Information Shared

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More About    --    Black Star Girl


      It's the Author's photo                    

         on the book's cover,                      

                taken when

      she was much younger

                 than today,

        "about 4 going on 5"

       you may hear her say.


About the Website --  HOME page  


                           The pastoral background scene

       is the play yard on the farmland property

          John W. Woods, Jr. bought in 1950  

                     (not quite 90 acres).

                 Did you catch a glimpse

                         of the Author's

          oldest grandchildren, Jai and Will.

           Their Uncle Roy entertains them

                 on one of many summer

                 vacations in the country.

            Lucky and Dixie run alongside.

     See the entire photo on the back cover

                    of Black Star Girl.

         Inside are stories of summer fun

            in Zanesville, Ohio and in the

               far different environment

                  of Williamsfield, Ohio.


                                         Marva Woods Stith,

                                               The Author